How We Do Content Marketing Here At ABVICUSTER

We here at ABVICUSTER know first hand how cut throat our competition is especially when it comes to online marketing.

Gone are the day we would just create a promotional post and let it do the selling for us online. Times have changed and we’ve been forced to change with them, after all, relying on old overridden techniques is a sure way to guarantee your failure in business and in life.

Currently we are investing heavily in content marketing especially matters concerning keyword research, content craft as well as content promotion.

Over the years we’ve learnt that content is King but promotion is Queen 🙂

Just What Do We Mean

Well, think about it like this, you can have the best content on earth BUT if you don’t craft that content with marketing in mind i.e. how you’re going to rank it in the various search engines or how you’re going to promote it, then you might as well forget about writing that piece of content in the first place.

If you look around online, you’ll come across amazing pieces of content but the sad part is that these pieces of content don’t rank on the first pages of the search engines; they’re mainly shared via social media.

We therefore decided to change our content marketing strategy to involve keyword research, smart content crafting as well as content marketing.

How Our Model Now Works

Keyword Research

We have invested in keyword research and SEO tools to help us better target our buyer keywords as well as help us out with competitor research. This ensures we write content based on keywords that our audience is actively searching for. This guarantees traffic.

Smart Content Crafting

We’ve also invested our resources to have smart content crafted for our blog i.e. content that uses psychology to sell our services without looking like salesmen. This content is based on the keyword from our keyword research above.

Content Marketing

This is where we promote our content via several means i.e.:

Social Media: We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and the other social media avenues to actively promote ABVICUSTER as a strong brand that cares for its clients. We ensure we develop that personal relationship with our social media followers.

Guest Posting: Here we actively seek our bloggers in our niche and partner with them so that they can promote our amazing pieces of content such as “advice on how to get the best value when looking for motels” etc. Guest posting has really been a great avenue for promotion since people read and trust blogs that they love!

Advertising: We’ve also invested actively in advertising as a promotional channel of not just our services, but our helpful content as well!

Email Marketing: We’ve also incorporated email marketing into our marketing strategy. We’ve come to see how powerful email marketing is especially when it’s done right. This has given us a large database of subscribers whom we can reach out to with our content or promotions.

In conclusion, we here at ABVICUSTER have adapted to the changing times especially where marketing and advertising is involved.

Thank you for paying us a visit!

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